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Easy SFTP (Secure FTP) With C# and PSFTP

There are a number of .Net projects out there that allow you to use SFTP, but all of them I’ve tried are confusing or just don’t work.  The makers of PuTTY (an open source telnet/SSH/etc client) made a command line

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C# Web File Download with BITSadmin

I was making an app that required downloading files from a website.  In the past, I’ve used WebClient (excellent for most scenarios), HttpWebRequest (clunky), and even the Forms WebBrowser (very messy) to accomplish the deed.  For this particular app however,

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Easy C# FTP Class

I created this class for use in a variety of applications as a simplified FTP client.  It’s versatile and simple to use.  Here are examples of using the class: /* Create Object Instance */ ftp myFtpClient = new ftp(@””, “user”,

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Multithreaded, Customizable SysLog Server – C#

For those of us managing multiple devices, keeping aware of issues and events can be a challenge.  Many Linux, Unix, and Windows devices support the ability to send SysLog (System Log) events to a central server for notifications and/or logging. 

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